About TEPCO Logistics

As a business partner, TEPCO Logistics assists its customers in a broad range of areas, including business in Japan and the deployment of Japanese technology, by leveraging the expertise, technology and experience that TEPCO Logistics has built up through supporting the logistics, materials procurement, reuse, and recycling of the electric power industry in Japan.

Service track record

Examples of support provided by TEPCO Logistics.

  • An agency that supports business in Japan

    By leveraging its expertise, technology, experience, and know-how, TEPCO LOGISTICS caters to supporting operations in Japan, from acquiring model type certification to product deliveries that calls for a sophisticated product level and quality control. After your business has been established in Japan, TEPCO Logistics also facilitates expanding sales channels as a sales agent in Japan.
  • Proposing business matches

    TEPCO Logistics linked up Japanese customers who are seeking new solar panel suppliers with overseas manufacturers to diversify geopolitical risks. TEPCO Logistics supports new businesses by offering smooth business schemes involve domestic logistics.
  • Covering all steps from international transportation to domestic logistics

    TEPCO Logistics offers an extensive array of services, ranging from ocean freight forwarding to customs clearance and domestic logistics. TEPCO Logistics expands business opportunities for its customers through a wide range of partnerships, including business matching, support for acquiring model type certification, and agency functions in Japan.
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